where those of us now over half a century old

 can share our creation and appreciation of art

when we were young and now we’re not



Art is a virtually essential

part of being human.

Ordinary people, making their best effort or unable to stop themselves, sing, dance, make music, tell stories, and create images, as well as appreciating art far greater than their own, looking, listening and reading. Art is in and around us all our lives, like nature.

50plusArtSpace is for everyone, but especially for people over 50 years old who have appreciated and created art (even unwittingly) in the course of their lives. It was started in July 2020 by two over-50s (aged 81 and 75 at that time).



 is updated each month.

If you’re at least 50 years old (sorry, youngsters – your time will come as demi-centenarians) and would like to share some of your old or new artwork (literary, visual, musical, other) or your reflections on art in your life, write to CONTACT AND  SUBMISSIONS in English or Spanish.

Literary work (poetry, stories, short novels, essays) can be in either English or Spanish.

Welcome to the September 2021 update of  50plusArtSpace !

There are already 56 previous contributions in the Catalogue, and this month there are 3 new ones.

We hope you enjoy the new contributions and explore the previous ones in the Catalogue if you haven’t already. 

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The most recent contributions

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CUENCA 2.jpg

From  José Manuel Cuenca
(1948 -    )

Un año más


SCOTT 3.jpg

From Scott Hadley

(1959 -     )

"Ask for me tomorrow..."

"...unswept stone besmeared with sluttish time..."

(From Shakespeare's sonnet 55)

PAUL F.jpg

Algunas cosas no cambian, otras sí.

From Paul Davies (1939-    )

Mi México 

Capítulo 7

El País de un viejo inmigrado Inglés

1982 - 1992: Crisis, incertidumbre y cambio.

Como sugiere el título, la década que cubre este capítulo fue una de las más difíciles de mi vida en México, así como para México mismo. En cambio, los últimos años del siglo 20 fueron muy buenos para mí, aunque desgraciadamente no para México. 

La década desde principios de los años 1970 hasta 1981 había sido notablemente buena para la gente como nosotros, o sea, la clase media hacia arriba, aunque no tan buena para otra gente, y probablemente más o menos igual que siempre para la mayoría de los mexicanos. Sin embargo, algunos observadores vieron el riesgo, o hasta la amenaza, de malos tiempos por venir. En 1982 esos tiempos 

comenzaron, salvajemente.