where those of us now over half a century old

 can share our creation and appreciation of art

when we were young and now we’re not


color de la mancha
copo de nieve

Art is a virtually essential

part of being human.

Montañas nevadas

Ordinary people, making their best effort or unable to stop themselves, sing, dance, make music, tell stories, and create images, as well as appreciating art far greater than their own, looking, listening and reading. Art is in and around us all our lives, like nature.

Older people often have a different feel for art as they reflect on art in their past life and, perhaps, continue or renew their artistic efforts as life ahead draws in.


50plusArtSpace is for such people, and anyone interested in art, which they’ve appreciated and created (perhaps unwittingly) in the course of their lives. It was started in July 2020 by two over-50s (aged 81 and 75 at that time).

Aerial View of Barren Land


 is updated each month.

If you’re at least 50 years old (sorry, youngsters – your time will come as demi-centenarians) and would like to share some of your old or new artwork (literary, visual, musical, other) or your reflections on art in your life, write to CONTACT AND  SUBMISSIONS in English or Spanish.

Literary work (poetry, stories, short novels, essays) can be in either English or Spanish.

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Cabina del invierno con nieve

From Adriana Portugal

(1964-    )



Rossner 21-20.jpg

From Austin Rossner

(1908 -  1999)


His separate hell is heaven to me.
I enjoy his agony.
My mental fingers touch and press
His springs and well-springs of distress, Retire, rest, and then again

Palpate the terror in his pain.



1963 – 1965: Sabiendo un poco, y llegando

Con el título, “Mi México”, no pretendo ser posesivo, sino personal, particular. Ni mi México, ni tu México, ni el México de ningún individuo, es en todo, ni necesariamente en mucho, el México de la mayoría de las 126 y pico millones de personas que están en México el día de hoy, o de los muchos millones de personas que están hoy fuera de México pero lo conocen bien. Cada persona tiene regiones y entornos mexicanos conocidos y desconocidos, sus experiencias propias, y sus puntos de vista. Por ejemplo, un mexicano indígena de la sierra no ve a México (y el mundo) como un mexicano capitalino de clase media, y las mexicanas habitualmente tienen perspectivas algo distintas a los mexicanos en general. Todos los que vivimos en México o lo conocemos bien somos casos particulares, cada quien con “su México”.

From Paul Davies

(1939 -     )


From Craig Lambkin

(1967 -     )

Janaka, a Nepali wizard